Date: December 11, 2006

From: Dominic Dimitri, VP of Marketing

To: Delta Tau Distributors and Customers

Re: MCC and SMCC Repairs


This memorandum is a notification that Delta Tau will no longer be able to conduct repairs on any versions of the obsolete MCC and SMCC controllers, or of any product that contains them. While we have in many cases attempted to repair these boards since their obsolescence several years ago, our increasing inability to get replacement components has reduced our success rate in these repairs to the point where it is no longer worthwhile to either vendor or customer to attempt these repairs.


Remember that these product families date from the early and middle 1980s, respectively. Delta Tau has committed significant resources to supporting these products for longer periods than are the norm in the industry. However, we must now focus our resources on our newer product families the PMAC, Turbo PMAC, and upcoming Power PMAC families of controllers, accessories, and drives. We continue full support for these newer families of products.






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