UMAC CPU with an option 5D0 and 5D3 (100Mhz CPU) will occasionally watchdog, when I52=9.




A memory access timing issue between the UMAC CPU and the on board memory causes the UMAC CPU watchdog to trip.

UMAC CPU watchdog indicator (Red Light on the front of the CPU) will be active, if I52 = 9.
What is I52?


1) Upgrade CPU firmware to 1.940 (This firmware has a new I-variable, I37. I37 is a wait state setting parameter.)
How do I change the firmware?
Download Firmware Version 1.940
Turbo software addendum for firmware versions V1.938, V1.939, & V1.940.

2) Enter the following commands into the terminal window.

I37=$2400 ; set 1 wait state to XY memory and P memory.