September 17, 2004

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Geo PMAC Programmable Servo Amplifiers Are Now Released!

The Geo MACRO and PWM Bookshelf-style servo amplifiers have been released up to the 30 amps cont./60 amps peak at 240 and 480Vac.  This includes the Geo PMAC.

All ratings shown in the current price list are available for all three models of Geo servo amplifiers, MACRO, PWM and PMAC, with a 6-week lead-time.  We expect the lead-time to be 4 weeks (for quantities up to 10 pieces) by 11/1/04.

We have been shipping the Geo bookshelf style MACRO and PWM drives, up to 15 amps cont./30 amps peak since 2/04.  The new Geo 3U amplifiers rated 15 amp cont./30 amp peak and 20 amp cont./40 amp peak have also been released and shipping since early ’04.

Thank you,

Neal Kearney

VP of Sales & Marketing





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