PMAC2 PC-ISA old style CPU (DSP56002) are obsolete and all new orders will have the new Flex CPU (DSP563xx) instead.




The DSP56002 on the PMAC2-PC-ISA pmac CPU board is obsolete earlier than expected. Due to changes in board design, all current PMAC2 PC boards will have the Flex CPU.

1) All new orders and currently shipping PMAC2- PC boards will have the new Flex CPU (125% speed increase).

2) The only firmware compatible with the Flex CPU is version 1.17.

3)Option 5B and 5C - The 60mhz and 80mhz DSP56002 will no longer be available

4)Option 5xF has replaced the 5B and 5C options.

5)The new CPU will increase the scan rates of PLC's etc. which could effect expected (non-timer) programming delays in customer written programs.

open plc 1
While (p1<100)