Product Update


The following software applications have been updated in the

PMAC-NC Pro2 Runtime Version

PMAC-NC Pro2 Designer Version


     Software Application(s)                                    Version Number


·        NC Setup                                                             (Version

            New features added

1.       Added Com Port number for Wireless Pendent connection. This allows user to enter appropriate COM port number for Wireless pendent connection

            Bug Fixes

1.      Fixed Resetting of Axes Definition value on Exiting from W axis Special   


2.      Modified display digit Format Specify. Originally restricted to 3 digits   

            (xx), now there is no restriction. Also retrieves the user display digits


3.      PMAC Type Turbo UL will enable Look ahead mode.

4.      Mill.G modified for fixing G93 (Inverse time mode) programming bug.

            now G93 compatible with FANUC.

5.      "WirelessCOMPort " registry key resetting to zero on new instance of

            AutoPilot and then pressing Update button for registry update

6.      Added Default registry settings for axis A, B, C and axis U, V, W axis.

7.      Removed W- axis replace by Available axis (XYZABCUV) dialog box.

8.      M codes greater than 100 from .NC program like M100, M101 will be

                        parsed and downloaded from Server. This is default setting.

9.      Added setting of I38 variable. This variable is necessary for User Position

            reporting PLC. This variable enables Distance To Go Position reporting  

            function supported by Turbo PMAC Firmware 1.942 and above.

10.  G01.1 code properly shows in the active G-code display.


·        PMAC-NC (RunTime & Designer)                (Version

     New features added

1.      Local language implementation For NC.  This feature will allow the users to modify an NC resource file to change the display to their desired language format.

2.      Hand wheel mode selection in the software operator panel.

3.      Expanded axis selection (X..W) in the software operator panel.

4.      Added code to display G54.1 Px where x is number between 1 to 48.


      Bug Fixes

1.      NC Position display wasn’t closing the Internal NC device upon exiting and NC Device was not able to execute NC shutdown procedure and this was causing problems mostly resulting in not saving parameters.

2.      Parametric Common Variables #500-#599 not retained through power-down.

3.      Parametric Local Variables #1-#33 read/write offset by one variable.

4.      Gauge Block Height input box maintained values on loss of focus without being entered.  User must hit enter for system to accept new value.  No longer retains unaccepted values.



Also by clicking the link below to you can read the history of Software Release Notes for the applications listed above. Executive  NC and PHMI Pro2 Suite Release Notes.htm