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Part Number: 3A0-9WPRO2-35X  
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PeWin32Pro2 is Delta Tau’s PMAC Executive software for any version of Microsoft Windows 2000 or newer that enables the configuration, control and troubleshooting of a PMAC (Programmable Multi-Axis Controller). At its core, PeWin32Pro2 provides a Terminal Window for inputting commands, a text editor for editing Motion/PLC programs, a workspace environment for organizing projects, a Watch Window for observing variables in real-time, Motor Status windows for observing the state of motors, Position, Velocity, and Following Error Reporting, and more. Additionally, there is a suite of tools used to configure and work with PMAC and its accessories. PeWin32Pro2 is a development tool for creating and managing specific PMAC implementations. Important note: PeWin32Pro2 cannot be used with Power PMAC; it can be used only with Turbo PMAC and Non-Turbo PMAC.
NOTE: Pewin32 PRO2 Suite compatible with Windows XP/2000/Vista/WIN7(32/64 bit) .


Main GUI Features

  • Terminal Window for inputting commands
  • Watch Window for watching variables and commands
  • Motor Status, MACRO Status, and Global Status windows for monitoring the status of system elements
  • MACRO ASCII setup program for quickly setting up a MACRO ring
  • Screens for configuring system variables
  • System resource monitors (i.e. for CPU usage and memory)
  • Jog ribbon for manually jogging motors via a GUI
  • Coordinate System setup
  • ModBus Setup
  • Encoder Conversion Table setup for configuring feedback
  • System backup and restore
  • Editor Window for writing code and programming PMAC via text file

Auxiliary Programs Included

  • PMAC DPRAM Test for testing PMAC’s DPRAM
  • PMAC Basic Speed Test
  • PMAC Plot Pro2 for gathering and plotting memory registers
  • PMAC Tuning Pro2 for tuning the current loop and servo loop, testing encoders, calibrating DACs, and adding filters
  • P1 Setup Pro2 for setting up PMAC1 controllers
  • P2 Setup Pro2 for setting up PMAC2 controllers
  • Turbo/UMAC Setup Pro2 for setting up Turbo PMACs
  • Umac Config Pro2 for detecting the UMAC rack’s configuration
  • Geo Brick Setup for setting up Geo Brick
  • Geo Brick LV Setup for setting up Geo Brick LV
  • Raw Terminal for a low-resource-usage Terminal interface for inputting commands

  • ACC-9WPRO2 OPT-2A - Upgrade an existing PMAC Executive Pro2 Suite package that was purchased more than 12 months ago, initial single-user license.
  • ACC-9WPRO2 OPT-2B - Additional single-user license. For each additional computer on site, single-user license. Requires previous purchase of ACC-9WPRO2 OPT-2A..

  • ACC-9WPRO2 OPT-2C - Upgrade to PMAC Executive Pro2 Suite, initial single-user license.

  • ACC-9WPRO2 OPT-2D - Additional single-user license. For each additional computer on site, single-user license. Requires previous purchase of ACC-9WPRO2 OPT-2C.
User License:
  • ACC-9WPRO2 OPT-1 - Single User License. For each additional computer on site. PMAC Executive Pro2 Suite (requires previous purchase of ACC-9WPRO2)
Software Accessories:
  • PMAC Plot Pro2 - PMAC Plot Pro2 Software Application

  • PMAC Tuning Pro2 - PMAC Tuning Pro2 Software Application

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