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Part Number: 3A0-PPCOMM-35X  
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The PowerPMAC development kit is a collection of .NET components and functions to be used in creating .NET based HMI applications that communicates to PowerPMAC. The communication to PowerPMAC is based on SSH protocol. These components are windowless objects includes basic communication, error reporting, data gather, build and download pre-compiled project and unsolicited responses. PDK comes with example programs. The example programs are in C# developed for visual studio 2015 platform.


Software Features:

  • The library is based on .NET 4.5 and above framework.
  • Communication components used SSH protocol.
  • Provides sample programs developed in VS2015 – C#
  • ReadMe file describing how to install HMI application on customer machine that will include the PDK license.
  • Development License can be transfer to another machine using License Application. This is part of PDK installation.
  • Installation includes the reference manual in PDF format.


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