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Power Generation with Power PMAC

Delta Tau offers an integrated controls solution for power generation. This control scheme can be integrated with virtually any type of kinetic energy source such as wind, water, or high speed gas turbines. (more)


Control Requirements for High-Precision, High-Speed Machining

This paper explains some of these demands in the areas of feedback data rates, motor phase commutation, servo algorithms, and trajectory generation. (more)

High-Precision Motion Applications

The designers of motion controllers must take special care to handle numeric issues, data rates, interpolation strategies, fast servo updates, and many other issues properly if they are to succeed in properly controlling a precision application. This paper surveys the key strategies required for success. (more)


MACRO: Distributed Hardware, Centralized Software

MACRO (Motion And Control Ring Optical) features make it uniquely capable of combining the best of centralized and distributed control strategies.(more)

New Connectivity in Motion Control

One of the most difficult issues in designing a motion control system is deciding on a connectivity strategy. This paper provides context and a basis for comparing the different possibilities. (more)


Why PMAC Controllers Are Easy To Use

Delta Tau’s PMAC and Turbo PMAC families of controllers justly have the reputation as being the most powerful and flexible in the world. PMAC controllers have many features that aid in the ease of use for both basic and more advanced applications. (more)

Direct PWM Control

Delta Tau has taken advantage of cutting-edge DSP technology to provide a very powerful, yet cost-effective, digital current-loop algorithm in its PMAC2 and Turbo PMAC2 line of controllers. (more)


Open Connectivity

This paper is written to outline Delta Tau's point of view on what flexibility and capability will be provided by the latest evolution in communication software (OPCs) and the advent of the new busses, USB and FireWire (yes, they are busses, although they are long and skinny instead of short and fat.) (more)


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