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Two Day Courses

For available dates, please contact us at (818) 717-5641 or e-mail

MACRO Training Class Outline

training power pmac

MACRO Overview

  • Basic Operation, Specifications
  • MACRO Configurations, Options, and Accessories
  • Ultralite/MACRO Data Transfer
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MACRO Station Specifics

  • MACRO Nodes 
  • SW1 and SW2 Settings (hardware settings)
  • MACRO Command Statements
  • MACRO MI-Variables 

Establishing Communications

  • Ultralite Setup (I996, I995, I1000, I1001, I1002, I1003)

MACRO Station Encoder Conversion Table

  • Hands-On Exercises
  • Downloading Firmware to MACRO Station and Ultralite
  • Manual Axis Setup
  • P2Setup Axis Setup (DAC or PWM)
  • Ultralite/MACRO Station Data Transfer
    • MI21-MI68;
    • PLC Read/Write Commands
  • I/O Setup and PLC
  • Multi-MACRO Setup
  • MACRO Accessory and Option Setup

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