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Two Day Courses

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PMAC NC Training Class Outline

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The purpose of Delta Tau's PMAC NC Training Class is to familiarize the student with the concepts and products necessary to accomplish a machine tool retrofit or integration using the PMAC NC for Windows software program, and the PMAC NC Machining Center Controller System. This involves acquainting the student with both the hardware and software from Delta Tau's product line needed to accomplish this task.

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The student should have attended at minimum the basic PMAC course before participating in the PMAC NC Training Course. A basic PMAC course is conducted before the PMAC NC Training Class, and the student is encouraged to enroll in both of these courses if they have no prior PMAC experience (the two courses are conducted sequentially from a Monday through Friday of the same week). It is imperative that the student have a good working knowledge of the PMAC board before attending the PMAC NC Training Class. An understanding of machine tool principles, and a cursory knowledge of RS-274G code programming is also desired.


A complete set of the most current PMAC NC manuals will be provided to the students on CD.


The PMAC NC Training Class is mainly lecture, but time is provided for hands-on operation of the PMAC NC Machining Center Controller system.  If time permits, students will visit the Delta Tau Machine Shop Lab area where they will be able to see machine tool retrofits in progress. The class is two full days, from 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with an hour lunch break, plus morning and afternoon coffee breaks.


The major topics covered in the NC Class are:

  • Operation of the PMAC NC for Windows Graphical User Interface Program
  • Writing PLC Programs for I/O Integration
  • Header Files
  • Dual-Ported RAM Address Assignments
  • Homing Routines
  • Delta Tau's NC Operator
  • Control Panel Layout
  • Integrating Additional
  • I/O through NC Operator Control Panel
  • How to Evaluate and Specify Componentry Needed for Retrofit/Integration

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