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Day One Class starts at 10:00 am
Day Two-Five Class starts at 8:30 am

For available dates, please contact us at (818) 717-5641 or e-mail

Power PMAC Training Class Outline

training power pmac

POWER PMAC Course Overview

Learn how to operate Delta Tau's latest controller, the Power PMAC. This motion computer represents 30 years of our motion-control knowledge and experience in the field. Using the latest hardware and software technology, the Power PMAC provides customers with the most powerful and flexible machine controller the world has to offer. This course will help you utilize your Power PMAC to its full potential.

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Overview: Power PMAC design goals and capabilities

  • Real-time kernel and scheduling/priorities
  • File systems Linux commands
  • Low-level direct communications
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) on Windows PCs

  • Establishing communications with Power PMAC
  • Terminal, position, and watch windows, Task Manager
  • Project management and program editor GNU C/C++ cross-compiler
    • User
    • Written Phase
    • Servo
    • C-PLC's (Background/ForeGround)
    • Independent C Applications
  • Plotting and tuning
  • Firmware and Kernel Upgrades
  • Creating Power PMAC PC applications

  • Power PMAC component library
  • Power PMAC mathematical features

  • Floating-point phase and servo calculations
  • Script language capabilities
  • Variable declarations and definitions with IDC
  • Power PMAC pre-defined data structures

  • Saved setup data structure elements
  • Other control and status element
  • ASIC Setup Elements
    • Gate 2 Accessories (ACC24E2x Family)
    • Gate 3 Accessories (ACC24E3x Family)
  • Encoder Conversion Table
  • Coordinate systems and kinematics

  • Axis definitions
  • Forward and inverse kinematic subroutines
  • Script program logic flow capabilities

    Move mode features and enhancements

    Compensation tables

    Next generation DSPGATE3 ASIC features

  • Enhancements of existing features
  • New capabilities
  • Guided hands-on work

    Discussion / Q and A

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