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Our Instructors Can Come to You

In addition to our regularly held training classes, Delta Tau offers on-site training at your facility. Our engineers will visit your location with necessary demo equipment to train as many of your engineers as possible, explaining the beginning and advanced training courses or they can do specific training to your application.

  • FEES
  • BASIC RATE: for on-site training is $4,500.00 for two (2) days and $5,500.00 for three (3) days including materials for up to 10 students. Additional students will add $500 each to the basic rate.
  • INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL: If international travel adds an extra day to arrive at the customer's facility, an additional $900.00 will be added to the base price.
  • TRANSPORTATION: If a Delta Tau employee is able to drive to the customer's site, mileage will be charged at $0.60/mile. Travel time via car will be charged at $85.00/hour to the agreed location.
  • EXTRA INSTRUCTOR: If the number of students exceeds 16, then an additional instructor will be necessary, adding $700.00/day.
  • DEMO UNITS: Three (3) Delta Tau Demo Units will be provided as part of the basic rate. Additional demo units are available at $350.00/unit.
  • MEALS, LODGING and TRAVEL EXPENSES: All Meals, lodging, and travel expenses shall become part of the Purchase Order.
  • SHIPPING: Customer is also responsible for the shipping costs of training equipment to and from their facility.
  • CANCELLATIONS: Availability and timing requires a 4-6 week lead-time, in advance, and cancellation charges will become part of the Purchase Order based on any non-refundable tickets, other travel arrangements or time expended.

  • FACILITY REQUIREMENTS: A Pentium® III/IV or Celeron® III/IV Window 2000, Windows XP or Windows 7 computer with 128MB RAM of memory, USB port, CD-ROM, and an overhead projector or VGA projection unit.

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