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Flexible Motion Computer

  • Can be programmed either in the C-style proprietary “PMAC Script Language” or in the actual C Programming language

  • Can run completely standalone or can be interfaced with an HMI via EtherNet or Serial Port

  • Has its own video module option for running its own HMI display directly through a monitor or TV plugged into the video module, or can interface with another HMI device via Ethernet

  • Can use built-in servo and phase algorithms, or the user can write customized algorithms in C

  • Can interface with any product via Ethernet through user-written C applications, such as cameras, lasers, routers, etc.

  • Can also interface with products via Serial Port

  • Can interface with any USB product (e.g. external hard drives, flash drives, mice); automatically mounts USB storage devices for fast and simple file access and data logging

  • The user can schedule his or her own threads in C using Delta Tau’s custom threading library in addition to the threads that are already in firmware

  • Can even run programs not related to PMAC at all on the Linux/Xenomai Operating System, in any language that Linux can understand

  • Can add whatever device needed to the modular UMAC rack format in order to complement the Power PMAC, such as ADC/DAC cards, Digital I/O Cards, MACRO communication cards, axis control cards, amplifiers, and more

  • Comes in a variety of form factors: modular UMAC rack card format (Power UMAC), board-level (upcoming Power Clipper), or combined with amplifier (upcoming Power Brick) in one easily mounted and wired box

  • Can implement cascaded loop control for e.g. position/torque or position/force combination sensors, or for applying additional digital filters to a motor

  • Can execute standard or custom G-, M-, D-, and T-Codes

  • Can use C-code that was automatically generated by IEC-61131 ladder-style graphical programming for PLCs or from MATLAB/Simulink Real Time Workshop TM for servos, etc.

Power PMAC Compatibility

    Can interface with the following feedback protocols:

  • Digital A Quad B
  • SSI
  • EnDat 2.2
  • BiSS B/C
  • HiperFace
  • Tamagawa
  • Panasonic
  • Sinusoidal
  • Resolver
  • Interferometers: Sinusoidal and Parallel
  • LVDTs, RVDTs, MLDts
  • Potentiometers
  • Can interface with virtually any type of motor on the market:

  • DC Brush
  • DC Brushless Rotary or Linear (a.k.a. “Servomotors”)
  • AC Induction
  • Stepper
  • Voice Coil
  • Piezoelectric
  • Hydraulic
  • Galvanometer
  • Can interface with many different field bus formats:

  • EtherCat
  • DeviceNet
  • CANopen
  • Profibus
  • ControlNet
  • CC-Link

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