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Power PMAC Supports IEC 61131-3

The IEC 61131-3 standard defines a common framework for programming PLCs (programmable logic controllers), which includes the complete definition of four programming languages and a state machine definition language.

PowerPmacIec61131 is an optional program development environment that allows writing control code for Power PMAC applications using IEC61131 standard languages. The generated programs reside and execute in the Power PMAC and execute in parallel to any other C App, CPLC, Script PLC, or motion programs which reside and run inside thePower PMAC controller. Programs can be developed and simulated even without a Power PMAC controller attached, and these programs can then be downloaded and monitored once their development is complete.

The “Monitor” version of the PowerPmacIec61131 allows changing variables values, debugging, and monitoring programs but does not allow developing new programs. This mode is deactivated using a USB dongle connected to the Power PMAC.

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  • IEC61131 languages ST, IL, SFC, FBD, LD, and CFC.
  • Standard IEC data types (INT, TIME, BOOL, DWORD) and Counter - Timer Function Blocks.
  • All PMAC on-line commands are available in the IEC environment.
  • Enhanced motor jogging and homing commands give user handshakes to ease program complexity.
  • Input & Output support for all Power PMAC hardware
  • IDE project variables available in the IEC programs
  • Testing environment that allows starting, stopping, downloading, setting and monitoring of variables in a watch window or logic power flow.
  • Simulation mode for developing your program on the PC without Power PMAC hardware.
  • Printing of Ladder and SFC programs with user defined forms that include bit maps.
  • Works simultaneously with other Power PMAC programs.

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