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The Power PMAC-NC HMI (PPNC) is a PC based CNC application for Power PMAC controlled machinery. The PPNC is both configurable and customizable, and can support various machine configurations up to 10 Axes. PPNC includes a G-code editor, tool and work offsets, G-code execution monitor, and many other features. Included with the PPNC is the Power PMAC code project which is used to configure and customize the application. More advanced customization of the PPNC screens and functionality can be achieved through the available Power PMAC-NC SDK. A Power PMAC controller is required to use Power PMAC-NC.


The Power PMAC-NC Software Development Kit (SDK) is the customizable C# source code project for Power PMAC-NC. It allows sophisticated customization to the screens and functionality of the base Power PMAC-NC application. Developers can modify the existing PPNC application or use the base code as a starting point for completely custom applications. The PPNC SDK has successfully been used by OEM’s and end users alike. It is not unusual for customers to create sophisticated multi-coordinate system complex systems using the PPNC SDK. The PPNC SDK is built on Microsoft technology and requires Visual Studio 2013 or newer to compile the PPNC SDK source code.


The Power PMAC Pendant is a compact and highly functional handheld machine control device. The unit is supplied with the Power PMAC-NC Machine Interface Panel (MIP22) or can be purchased separately for custom machine control applications. The unit interfaces to Power PMAC via an Ethernet based driver embedded in the Power PMAC firmware.


The Power PMAC-NC Machine Interface Panel (MIP22) is an industrial Machine Interface Panel with a 22” LED Touch Screen and feature rich handheld control pendant. The MIP22 features an industrial long life motherboard with all solid state media and low power consumption components. The MIP22 front panel can be customized to add application specific buttons, switches, or other devices. The MIP22 comes pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows 7 Professional. There are four externally accessible USB ports. Internally a Gigabit LAN port connects to PMAC devices. The Pendant communicates via Ethernet directly to the Power PMAC or through a user supplied Ethernet switch. The MIP22 was specifically designed to leverage the latest Power PMAC-NC Software Suite.

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